Better with age


our bags and wallets get better with age


We love hearing stories from our customers about how well their 49 Square Miles bags have aged. The unique vegetable tanning process used by our tanneries in Italy allows the leather’s natural patina to deepen beautifully over time, so with love and wear our bags only get better.

My own wallet has been my faithful friend for close to three years, and I love the way the texture and finish have softened and smoothed to its current well-worn state — it’s one of the aspects of our pieces that I am most proud of.

clingyOne story was recently shared with me by a customer Doretta, whose beloved Taskmaster bag was run over by a car while she was traveling. Aside from the unfortunate loss of few cosmetic items, she was thrilled to see that her resilient handbag had withstood the trauma, and now has an even richer charm that adds to its rugged character.

Doretta still carries the trampled bag regularly, and loves it so much that she bought the same one in black! We don’t think you can ever have too many versatile, functional, classic handbags.


Lisa Rissetto, Founder, 49 Square Miles

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